location: Houston, TX
area: 3,700 SF
status: Completed 2006

The Williams/Hottinger Residence was designed for cycling enthusiasts and outdoors lovers.

The couple wanted a house that was comfortable, filled with light, and fit their healthy way of living. Their one special request was to have a large four-car garage/workshop where they can enjoy the constant tuning of their many bikes and outdoor equipment.

The design is an L-shaped house that embraces a garden, which is open to the neighboring lot. The central idea of the design is articulated in the house’s cross-section. A series rooftop clerestory windows capture the morning light and allow it to cascade down from the third floor exercise area to the main living area of the house on the ground floor.

The largest expanse of glass in the house on the northern wall of the main living space features a view of the garden and allows northern light to fill the house throughout the day.

The shorter arm of the L is a two-story structure with a third-floor patio. This volume contains the garage/workshop space and the master suite. The garage space opens along both the west and east walls to serve a dual function as a covered breezeway looking into the garden.
The Williams/Hottinger Residence blends into the fabric of the community with its complementary scale and understated design. Offset levels and contrasting cladding help create different personalities and visually separate the two arm volumes of the house. Additionally, the long arm of the L is 3-stories to match the adjacent house, while the short arm of the L is 2 stories like the other neighboring house adjacent to it.