location: Houston, TX
area: 2,950 SF
status: Completed 2015

The design of MF Sushi revolves around the culinary concept of omakase, where the chef prepares the freshest cuts of fish for his patrons. At the heart of the restaurant, the twenty-five foot omakase counter is an exhibition table designed to enhance the personal experience between the chef and his patrons.

The omakase counter is made from laminating planks of hinoki, a sweetly fragrant species of cypress used in Japanese onsens and believed to enhance the flavor of fish. The counter with its sunken cutting boards and sushi cases transitions seamlessly from chefs preparation surface to patrons dining surface. Refrigerated cases are lowered into the counter creating unobstructed interaction between the chefs and patrons.

The architecture of the restaurant was inspired by stage set design. Behind the chefs, a luminous backdrop depicts scenery of mountains and sea, reminiscent of kabuki theater sets. Above, a canopy directs the view toward the chefs and spotlights the chefs performance in the art of making sushi.