MF Lobster & Ceviche

location: Houston, TX
area: 3,434 SF
status: Completed 2024

Inspired by the tranquil of the coral reef, the design of MF Lobster & Ceviche restaurant immerses diners in an under the sea ambiance. Aqua-blue floor tiles evoke the ocean’s hue, while the silk curtains gently sway, mimicking the play of light slowly dancing across the sea floor. The central steel column with radiating fins floating outward, resembles a giant tabular coral supporting sea life beneath its shadow.

Nautical elements abound, with submarine-inspired motifs adorning the decor. Oval shapes, reminiscent of submarine doors, appear in restroom entrances, kitchen doors, and light fixtures. Brass and gold, material commonly use in nautical equipment, adorn door handles, bathroom fixtures, and wall tiles flecked with gold. Bar counters crafted from natural onyx glow softly, while liquor and wine displays feature frosted plastic panels accented with blue and gold wallpapers. MF Lobster & Ceviche offers not just a culinary experience but a journey beneath the waves, where sea and flavor collide.