location: Houston, TX
area: 2100 SF
status: Completed 2014

A luminous, white space, the Adara Medical Spa evokes the feeling of sanctuary removed from the surrounding Museum District of Houston, Texas. Its design focuses on diffusing external elements and accentuating the dream-like experience of the spa. Programmatically, the medical spa provides two principal types of service: skin-care/wellness and medical procedures. The plan reflects the program with the product display wall separating the reception area from the private procedure rooms.

Materiality adds texture and sensory experience, serving as counterpoint to the simple color palette. Silk curtains brush again smooth river pebbles that soften the hard edge the glass floor tiles. A Carrara marble insert draws the eye to the reception desk. A rich walnut hardwood “carpet” offsets the eighteen-foot long seamless product testing table, the centerpiece of the main reception space.